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Centre for Extremophile Research

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Recent and Current Funding

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Funding for projects at the CER is currently supplied by a range of companies and organisations.

1999 BBSRC LINK Research Grant (3 years)
-An investigation of the potential of extremophiles as a source of new biocatalysts

1999 Wellcome Trust Equipment Grant

1999 Dean of Science Fund
-Halobacterium genome sequence project: gene assignments

2000 Teaching Company Scheme Programme Grant
-Development of fast thermostable DNA polymerases for DNA amplification

2001 The Nuffield Foundation
-Identification of archaeal cell cycle control proteins

2001 The Royal Society
-Expression profiling of halophage

2003 TMO Biotec Ltd
-Thermophilic enzymes for biotransformations

2004 BBSRC Research Grant (3 years)
-Metabolic pathway promiscuity: a structural, mechanistic and biocatalytic investigation.

2004 TMO Biotec Ltd
-Thermophilic enzymes for biotransformations (Phase 2)

2004 New Zealand International S & T Linkages Fund
-The effect of temperature on enzyme activity

2004 Royal Society (UK)/NRF (South Africa)
-Engineering and evolution of extremophilic enzymes for industrial application

2005 TMO Biotec Ltd
-Maintenance and screening of CAMR collection of thermophilic microorganisms.


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