Welcome to the Chaplaincy

Support and care, space and prayer in the heart of the Campus

The Chaplaincy is both a place and a team of people. We are here for people of all faiths or none - all students and staff, to offer counsel, advice or just a listening ear. Feel free to pop in any time.  
Phone: 01225 386458 (Internal 6458)  
Duty Chaplain: 07966 341370  
During term time there is usually a chaplain available on week days between 10.00 am and at least 5.00 pm.  
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What's new

New Chaplain's reflection posted (15 February):

Thought for the Day - Radio Bristol

The Presence - to illustrate the sermon at St John's 29-01-17

The Presence - to illustrate the sermon at St John's 29-01-17

Here we see a Communion service going on around the high altar. People are there standing together, and there is space - the door is still open for others to join them. (I think that some churches close the door so others cannot get in!) The presence of God is there, shown by the light. In the...

Sanctuary - Every Monday  1.20 - 1.50pm

Sanctuary - Every Monday 1.20 - 1.50pm

Sanctuary is for staff and postgraduate students. It is a new, weekly lunchtime meeting, in the Chaplaincy on Mondays, from 1.20 to 1.50pm. It includes a bible reading, silence, reflective music and a closing prayer. We will celebrate communion once a month. An invitation to come, relax...

Vigil for OUR World (VOW) - drop in - every Tuesday from 6-7pm

Vigil for OUR World (VOW) - drop in - every Tuesday from 6-7pm

Our world is a complex place, and fragile. For some there is a fearfulness in the air. There is a new uncertainty. For others there are questions. Home, whether abroad or in this country, can seem far away. Emotional distance can feel as far away as many miles. Vigil for OUR World is an hour of...

Being a mouthpiece for truth and justice

Being a mouthpiece for truth and justice

Nigel writes on "Being a mouthpiece for truth and justice". This is based on a sermon given at All Saints Weston, Bath on 13-11-16. This is a series of talks following Mark Greene's book: Fruitfulness on the Front Line – making a difference where you are (IVP) (ISBN: 978-1-78539-125-1) ...

On experiencing the Presence of God

On experiencing the Presence of God

It is now a month since I started as Chaplain in this vibrant community. I have seen some wonderful expressions of our Gospel. The enthusiastic service of tea and toast to freshers in their first week, the use of the chaplaincy for study and reflection, my experience of Cantonese worship, and the...

Notice board

Muslim prayer rooms

Muslim prayer rooms

A Muslim Prayer room is established in Norwood House 4 South. If students or visitors to campus need access please inquire at University security - which is open 24/7, providing your library card if you are a student or staff member. More details available here:...

Where are we?

The Chaplaincy is at the bottom of the steps to the right of the Library.

Location map of the Chaplaincy

What's on today

Wednesdays in term time

8.30 to 9.00 am
Christian Union morning prayer meeting.
12.45 to 2.00 pm
Global Cafe International Student Lunch - free!
4.30 to 7.00 pm
Vegetarian Society cooking demo & meal.
6.15 to 8.00 pm
Buddhist Meditation Group. Held in Chancellors building CB 3.11
7.00 to 9.00 pm
Chinese Overseas Christian Mission: An evening of fellowship and teaching for Mandarin speaking students

More regular weekly events...


Mission statement

The Chaplaincy exists:
1) to serve the spiritual and religious needs of the University Community;
2) to provide pastoral care and friendship for all staff and students of the University;
3) to enhance the learning experience through exploration of faith, peace and justice.