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Oasis Church Bath (Hay Hill)


Hay Hill is a small, informal and friendly church at the top end of town with a mix of ages and a large proportion of under-18s. We are beginning a new phase of the church’s life in partnership with Oasis: a movement of local people, all over the world, sharing the opportunity to build community. We want to be Spirit-led, progressive and engaged with culture, preferring to read and discuss the Bible in community over insisting on one interpretation. In order to include everyone, our meetings vary over the month in timing and format.

We are inspired and urged on by Jesus’ words in Luke 4, quoting from Isaiah 61. We aim for radical inclusion, tackling poverty and injustice, living in harmony with the environment, and bringing the love, life and hope of Jesus to all. Hay Hill has taken a lead in Make Lunch (tackling holiday hunger) and Street Pastors (a Christian presence in the city centre on Friday and Saturday nights), and we are increasingly looking to go to the struggling and the vulnerable with practical support.

If you want to be a part of these exciting and challenging developments, there will be many opportunities to get involved: learning and serving alongside us.

Has student membersNear the city centreNear a Sunday bus routeHas families and childrenHas a worship bandHas mid-week small groups

Service details

Sunday 10.30am Worship and Teaching (2nd 3rd and 4th)
Sunday 4.30 social (Ist)

Minister(s) or Priest(s)


Bus routes

Walkable from city centre

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