The Presence - to illustrate the sermon at St John's 29-01-17

Here we see a Communion service going on around the high altar. People are there standing together, and there is space - the door is still open for others to join them. (I think that some churches close the door so others cannot get in!) The presence of God is there, shown by the light. In the foreground is a figure who has come in and slumped in prayer, just inside the door, her head in her hands. The presence is shown by the figure of Jesus behind her, his hand outstretched to meet her need. The power of the picture is to ask why she is there and not with the others. Does she feel guilty, excluded, ignorant of what she should do, unwanted, or hypocritical? But her heart is known to God and Jesus shows that.

Posted: 1 February 2017, 6.00 pm