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Mother Sarah

Orthodox Chaplain

Hello - my name is Mother Sarah. I'm the Orthodox Christian member of the chaplaincy team - so I particularly look out for students and staff who come from an Orthodox Christian background. You can find me in the Chaplaincy Centre Friday lunchtimes during term-time and at all sorts of other odd times too. Just get in touch if you would like to meet up. 
Being away from home is an exciting time to explore life and faith. Over the years I've known many students whose faith experience has deepened and broadened while they've been here in Bath. As the mind is challenged and one's life experience extends, it would be a pity if the soul and spirit didn't expand too!  
One of the declared attributes prized by the University is to be “a supportive culture: creating a welcoming, inclusive campus community that values the individual and supports the realisation of their potential” The Chaplaincy plays an important role in achieving this. We provide a unique opportunity for you to ask some of the most fundamental questions – whatever they may for you. 
The Parish I work in (Parish Community of St. John of Kronstadt) is a young community, founded in 1980. We come from a wide variety of national backgrounds, English, Cypriot, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Russian and others. Worship is in English. We emphasize a traditional Orthodox experience of prayer combined with openness to other traditions.  
The parish runs regular study groups, takes part in social care projects in the City and has a prison ministry team. Hospitality is particularly emphasised. There is always a meal after the Liturgy. See me for details or visit our website If you are an Orthodox student, or someone who would like to find out about this tradition, you will find a welcoming community in Bath, which includes people from many different backgrounds, nationalities and ages. Please contact me if you would like to know more. or 07796 245799 
• Orthodox tradition/prayer/community 
• Multi-faith relations 
• Physical and mental health and well-being 
• Gardening 

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