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University of Bath Interfaith Forum UBIF

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Founder members group:
Nigel Rawlinson - University Chaplain
Mohammad Lone, Muhammad Mehmood - University Islamic Society
Yukteshwar Kumar - Hindu
Rabbi Mendy - University Jewish Society

The University of Bath Interfaith Forum has been set up. It aims to set up a regular meeting:
• in a public place,
• and open to students, post docs and staff
• to develop our understanding of each other
• and to be seen to stand together.

The Founder members are Nigel Rawlinson (University Chaplain) and Mohammad Lone (President of Islamic Society), with support from the Jewish Society and others. An inaugural meeting was held on 26th April 2017, attended by staff, students and University Student Services

Nigel Rawlinson and Mohammad Lone have been in touch as part of interfaith bridge-building on this campus. They say, “We intentionally met the day after the Westminster killings – in 4 West. The news was still unfolding, and we wanted to be seen to stand together, not knowing what public reaction might be. We wish to develop this means of understanding and respect in a pro-active way, before any further terrorist attack.”

Recently the Pope messaged to affirm the United Nations, saying the tension in North Korea was “too hot”. On Thursday 4th May 2017, at the University of Bath Volunteer awards, the Mayor Councillor Paul Crossley said that we are a “local united nations”, acknowledging the many countries represented on campus.

UBIF believes that understanding and relationships are important.

We aim to meet monthly, in the early evening, for one hour.
The programme would include a news round-up, a 10 minute topic, and Q&A.

Ground rules:
• Friendship
• Desire to find common ground, for the common good
• Desire to build understanding
• Desire to be seen together
• Desire to establish a reputation in the community.
• Desire to avoid extremism in any faith tradition
• Desire to avoid any other divisive talk

Those who come declare by their presence their wish to be seen and engaged.
There is no pressure to speak though.

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