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 Marta Coma

Whorrod Research Fellow

5W 3.18a


Tel: 01225 385703


Dr Marta Coma


Marta Coma is a Whorrod Research Fellow from the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT), researching on renewable feedstocks (i.e. waste and side-streams) for the bioproduction and/or recovery of chemicals.

Marta is a chemist and obtained her PhD in Lequia (Spain) in 2011 on new technologies for wastewater treatment. She also collaborated in industrial focused research on bioelectrochemical systems and sludge management. In 2012 Marta moved to Labmet (actual CMET, Belgium) to work on bioeconomy related topics, specifically in anaerobic treatments from side-streams.

Marta came to Bath in 2015 to establish her own group based on environmental biotechnology. She focuses on reducing and treating waste streams while generating and/or recovering chemical precursors or other valuable compounds as substrates for current industries. Her research interacts with the fields of Chemistry, Biology and Chemical Engineering by developing new biotechnologies based on mixed culture communities to produce chemicals and fuels that will replace the petrochemical production.

Research interests

  • Anaerobic processes for bioproduction
  • Mixed microbial communities: shaping the microbiome to get target products
  • Feedstock characterization linked to product specificity
  • Environmental biotech development: production pipeline integration


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