Department of Chemistry

Chemistry academic featured in Royal Society diversity project

Tue Jun 14 15:33:00 BST 2016

Dr Sofia Pascu is one of 150 scientists to feature in the Royal Society's  Pascu Sofia 750 x 535 Parent Carer Scientist diversity project. 

Stories of individual scientists are being published to highlight the formulas utilised by mothers, fathers and carers in the efforts to balance a career in science with family life.

They also highlight the vital role that a supportive employer and family friendly policies and funding play in enabling researchers to combine a vocation for science with family life.

The aim of the project is to encourage and inspire current and future talented scientists to succeed in science regardless of their commitments outside of work.

Sofia writes about balancing a career as an Associate Professor with being a mum, as well as the support she has received from family members, mentors and funders along the way.

The stories are being shared on Twitter using the hashtag #AndAScientist.

Read Sofia’s full story on the Royal Society website.