Department of Chemistry

Second successful symposium on clean energy materials

Fri Sep 25 14:14:00 BST 2015

A research consortium led by Professor Saiful Islam hosted its second annual symposium at Bath on 17 September.  More than 80 delegates attended the event on sustainable materials for green energy applications. 

The symposium was part of a £3.2 million EPSRC Programme Grant on ‘Energy Materials: Computational Solutions’ that supports a five-year project to develop new materials for the next generation of energy devices, including more efficient solar cells for homes and better batteries for electric cars. 


Image: Consortium team and keynote speakers. Back (left to right): Emma Kendrick, Richard Catlow, Bob Freer, Steve Parker, Aron Walsh, Piers Barnes, John Irvine, Paul Sherwood; Front (left/right): Clare Grey, Saiful Islam.

Deborah Demathieu from the Department of Chemistry and Saiful were the main organisers. There was additional support from the consortium team of Professor Steve Parker and Professor Aron Walsh, Professor Richard Catlow from University College London, Professor Nora de Leeuw from Cardiff and Dr Paul Sherwood from the Daresbury Laboratory.

Saiful said: "This conference brought together researchers working on the materials science of green energy technologies such as solar cells, lithium batteries and fuel cells.

"The meeting was designed to showcase our consortium research and to encourage new collaborations, especially between computational and experimental groups."

The invited keynote speakers were Prof Clare Grey FRS from Cambridge, Prof John Irvine from St Andrews, Prof Bob Freer from Manchester and Dr Piers Barnes from Imperial College London.

Professor Chris Frost, Head of the Department said: "Congratulations to the organisation team for this excellent and timely conference. Development of energy materials is an important research theme in Chemistry, and is also central to the University’s CDT in Sustainable Chemical Technologies.