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Mathematical Biology: What is it?

Modelling life. Biology is the science of life. Mathematical biology transforms the processes of living systems into model systems of equations. Mathematical analysis of these models helps us to understand the roles and interactions of different components of the system. These relationships are often complex and surprising! We can also use models to make predictions and conduct experiments. Mathematical biology spans all areas of the life sciences, from molecular biochemistry to ecology, epidemiology and evolution.  

Bath Centre for Mathematical Biology

The Centre was set up in 1994 to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration between mathematicians, biologists and other scientists at the University of Bath. Its membership includes about twenty academic staff, their postdoctoral researchers and postgraduate students.

Mailing List

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Undergraduate Mathematical Biology

We run three units for Univeristy of Bath maths undergraduates: Mathematical Biology 1 and 2 and Advanced Mathematical Biology. We run two units for University of Bath biology undergraduates: Modelling the Dynamics of Life 1 and 2. We are also happy to supervise maths undergraduate projects.

Postgraduate Mathematical Biology

There is a vibrant mathematical biology PhD research community in the CMB. We supervise projects in a range of topics from epidemiology, ecology, evolution and pharmacokinetics. PhD applications from well qualified candidates are always welcome.

Research Visits

We welcome visits from academics, researchers and potential students. If you would like to come, contact a member with similar interests to your own.

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