Undergraduate courses starting in 2018

Economics is a social science that examines why and how people make choices to improve their wellbeing and wealth.

Economics helps us answer questions, such as:

  • how should the banking system be regulated to prevent another credit crisis?
  • should we raise taxes to reduce pollution?
  • how can economic policy support investment and growth?

You will learn how to analyse complex data and solve economic problems. You will be able to review economic theory and apply quantitative techniques to understand behaviour.

Learning experience

Expert academics

You’ll learn from academics with expertise across the breadth of economics. Their international collaborations and research activities feed into undergraduate teaching and contribute to your learning experience.

Specialist facilities and equipment

Our computer network enables you to access the up-to-the-minute data on economics. You will use the latest economics based software to improve your ability to conduct analysis.

Graduate employability

Our economics graduates are very successful in today’s competitive labour market. They pursue a range of careers in both the private and public sectors. Many of our graduates work as economists, financial or business analysts, researchers, accountants and tax professionals. They have worked for organisations such as:

  • Amazon
  • Deloitte
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • UBS

Find out what our graduates go on to do.

“I find the staff at the Economics department very approachable and it’s nice they can sometimes add their own opinions to the theories we’ve covered. ”
Ludi Wang

BSc Economics (2015)