Undergraduate courses starting in 2018

Education is concerned with how people develop and learn throughout their lives. It involves critiquing the teaching methods and environments in which we learn.

The study of education enables you to identify and challenge the purposes, practices and functions of education in different contexts.

You’ll explore government priorities relating to children’s lives and wellbeing, and the role of education in these. You will learn how to question the role that education plays in addressing fundamental problems such as inequality, citizenship and the environment.

Our course in this subject is delivered by our departments of Education and Psychology enabling you to benefit from two academic disciplines.


This course uses data grouped by league tables under the broad categories of Social Work and Psychology.


“I’ve absolutely loved my time at Bath. It’s allowed me to grow as a person and it’s let me understand where I want to be and given me the tools to get there.”
Joyce Meloni BA (Hons) Education with Psychology (2014)