International development

Undergraduate courses starting in 2018

International development concerns the global challenge of how to enable people to live secure and fulfilled lives, particularly those in poorer regions.

Why is rising material prosperity not shared equally amongst the world’s nations and people? Are current ways of living and models of growth sustainable?

The study of international development examines and finds solutions to these issues. You’ll explore case studies and research relating to Africa, Asia and Latin America.

You’ll become proficient in analysing development-related problems from a range of disciplinary perspectives and working with different kinds of data.

You will acquire skills in applying economic, social and political theories to development problems, which are relevant to working in many fields.

Learning experience

Expert academics

You’ll learn from academics with expertise in international development. Their international collaborations and research activities feed into undergraduate teaching and contribute to your learning experience.

Specialist facilities and equipment

You will be able to benefit from the research taking place within our Centre for Development Studies. This will allow you to engage with research informing international policy and practice.

Graduate employability

The study of international development will provide you with an academic foundation for a career in a range of fields.

These could include:

  • governmental and international agencies
  • non-governmental organisations
  • development consultancies
  • international businesses (especially in emerging markets)

It also provides a solid foundation for postgraduate training for journalism, teaching and business.

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“I’ve enjoyed drawing on lots of different subject areas. The interdisciplinary nature of it means I get to follow things I find really interesting in lots of different fields.”
Robin Guy

BSc International Development with Economics (2017)