Undergraduate courses starting in 2018

The study of politics looks at the process of gaining and exerting governance. How is power handled and where does it lie?

There are few more exciting and relevant disciplines than that of politics. You’ll explore and make sense of current issues at a national and global level. This will provide you with an invaluable understanding of the world. You’ll learn how to identify and respond to challenges facing contemporary political systems.

We specialise in international and European politics. Our academic staff have particular expertise in EU politics, British politics, gender politics and extremism.

Learning experience

Expert academics

You’ll learn from academics with expertise in politics. Their international collaborations and research activities feed into undergraduate teaching and contribute to your learning experience.

Graduate employability

Our politics graduates are found in a wide range of public, private and voluntary sector jobs. Popular destinations are jobs in the banking and finance industries, the media, public administration, and national, European and international political institutions and organisations.

Recruiters include :

  • Deloitte
  • Morgan Stanley
  • HSBC

Many graduates have chosen to pursue an academic career with further study.

Find out what our graduates go on to do.

“The University of Bath has such helpful and friendly staff. The lecturers are very helpful, they email you straight away and you have such a good feedback on your studies.”
Ervinas Janavicius

BSc Politics with Economics (2015)