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If Managed Print Service is down

When there is a problem with Managed Print Service (MPS), there are alternative arrangements for staff and students whilst the issue is investigated.

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Printing arrangements for students

Printers in the Library; and Imaging, Design & Print Services (IDPS)

When the MPS is unavailable, if you have an urgent deadline you can:

  • bring the file, saved as a PDF, on a USB stick to the Copy & Print desk in the Library (Level 2, North East corner) weekdays 9am-5pm
  • bring the file, saved as a PDF, on a USB stick to IDPS in 8W 1.35 (School of Management, lower ground floor) 9am-5pm Monday to Friday
  • send the assignment electronically to IDPS. This option is available for files smaller than 10MB.

In all cases, please allow as much time as possible. If the MPS is unavailable, these services are free of charge.

Please note that if the MPS is unavailable, scanning and copying on campus can only be provided at IDPS.

Additional standalone printers

There are 6 printers which can operate outside the MPS to enable printing of urgent documents directly from a USB stick. The documents must be saved in PDF or TIFF format.

The printers are in Library, Level 2 within Copy and Print and will be made available when printing is not available.

Emergency submission arrangements

If there are problems with MPS on hand-in day and your submission requirement is ‘printed copy only’, you can submit your work on a USB stick provided free by the University.

This arrangement is only a temporary measure and you must provide an identical hard copy, which will be cross-checked, as soon as possible. You will need a separate USB stick for each assignment.

If you are required to submit your work only by Moodle, or by Moodle and printed copy, you will not need to provide a copy on a USB stick.

If MPS is unavailable, the free USB sticks and envelopes, together with the instructions you must follow, will be made available at:

  • IDPS in 8 West 1.35 (School of Management, lower ground floor) 9am-5pm Monday to Friday
  • Copy & Print, Library level 2. 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Print companies in Bath offering student print rates

From 29 September 2014, Minuteman Press, in Bath have agreed to match student campus printing rates on presentation of your Library card.

This service is available, regardless of MPS availability. View contact details, opening times, etc.

 Please supply your file as a pdf if possible. See more: Minuteman Press artwork guide 

Printing arrangements for staff

Imaging, Design & Print Services (IDPS)

Requests can be taken in person to IDPS in 8W 1.35 (School of Management, lower ground floor) between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday or you can send the document by email to

The email option is only available for files smaller than 10Mb. Please provide your documents as PDFs.

Emergency Print Service

An Emergency Print Service (EPS) supports business-critical printing and enables direct printing to designated large printers in staff areas.

To use the system, you will need to map your computer to your local EPS printer, this can only happen if the EPS has been activated.

If the EPS needs to be activated,Please read the full EPS instructions.

Please be aware that when the EPS is active, documents will be printed immediately to the nominated printer so any sensitive or confidential documents should be collected immediately.