Department of Education

Working Papers

Our working papers series focuses on international and global issues for research, and recognises excellent work produced by the large community of graduate students and distinguished associates of the Department of Education.

2015/16 papers

Title Author
International and Global Issues for Research Helen Maffini

Responding to significant educational change and the importance of affective containment

Daniel Robinson

Using Bernstein's notion of the pedagogization of knowledge as a framework for analyzing education in a globalizing world Daryl York
How might Education Policy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) support Education for Sustainable Development programmes? Dina O. Faidi
Improving participation of Irish students in Erasmus: barriers and benefits, potential and policy Don O'Neill
Bourdieu's Theory of Practise and the Impact of Educational Technology Policy Jason Murphy
A Critical Analysis of 'In Search of Teacher Excellence: How to improve the quality of education for all Colombians' Ruth Allen
Critique of Peer-reviewed Articles on John Hattie's Use of Meta-Analysis in Education Siebert J. Myburgh

2014/15 papers

Title Author
 In Search of Bilingualism in Dubai’s Private K-12 Education Sector  Ziad Azzam
The Possibility of a ‘New Imaginary’: Discursive ‘de/humanising’ ‘framing’ of teacher education for teaching diverse student populations in OECD and CoE texts Yvonne Slough-Kuss
Globally-minded students: Defining, measuring and developing intercultural sensitivity Simon Taylor
In Search of an Operational Definition and Effective Pedagogy: Re-conceptualizing Global Citizenship for U.S. College Students Studying Abroad Roy Pietro
Challenges facing teachers new to working in schools overseas Margaret Halicioğlu
How to develop our best theories to empower? A realist critique of Dutch evaluative policy research Boris Prickarts
Intercultural Understanding: What are we looking for and how do we assess what we find? Debra Williams-Gualandi
A proposed exploration of adolescents’ perceptions of creativity in their school Éanna O’Boyle
Ideologies and Discourses in the Standards for Language Teachers in South America : a corpus-based analysis Gabriel Diaz Maggioli
The elephant in the room: a critical examination of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme’s policy discourse Kevin House
To what extent do internationally mobile Primary School aged children experience significant negative emotions when translocating? Barbara Deveney
An analysis of the growth of transnational corporations operating international schools and the potential impact of this growth on the nature of the education offered Mark Waterson
Multiple narratives in a performative further education context, with reference to Lyotard’s ‘The Postmodern Condition’ Ros Irving
International forum for addressing global concerns: a critical analysis of UN decision making Edmond Maher