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University of Bath

Residences lists

Students grouped by residential block

Who can use these lists?
  • Staff can use the following lists to send email to all students in an area of accommodation.
How are they created?
  • Lists are generated daily for each residential block within the University.
Please note:
  • These lists only include students living in residences, not visitors or staff.
  • These lists must only be used for contacting students about matters to do with their area of residence. They are not to be used for marketing purposes.
Brendon members
Canal Bridge members
Canal Wharf members
Clevelands members
Conygre members
Cotswold members
Eastwood members
Green Park House members
James House members
John Wood Building J13 members
John Wood Building members
John Wood Builiding members
John Wood Court members
Marlborough members
Mendip members
Norwood members
Osborne House members
Piccadilly Place members
Polden Court members
Polden members
Pulteney Court members
Quad Acer members
Quad Bay members
Quad Chestnut members
Quad Damson members
Quad Ebony members
Quantock members
Quarry members
Radway House members
Solsbury members
The Exchange members
Thornbank members
Widcombe Wharf members
Wolfson members
Woodland Court members