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University of Bath

Departmental staff lists

Staff grouped by department

Who can use these lists?
  • Staff can use the following lists to send email to all staff in an Organisational Unit.
How are they created?
  • Lists are generated daily for each Organisational Unit within the University.
  • Lists are updated every morning.
Please note:
  • Staff does not include casual or hourly-paid employees.
  • Staff does not include people with non-payroll roles (e.g. volunteers, visitors, and non-payroll staff such as contractors).
  • Staff members are included on the list for their assigned Organisational Unit, and also on the lists for any parent OUs, such as faculty lists.
Academic members
Advancement members
Bath Institute for Mathematical members
Campus members
Campus members
Careers members
Centre for Learning and members
Childcare members
Core Research members
DD&T Test members
Dental members
Department of members
Dept for members
Dept of Architecture and Civil members
Dept of Chemical members
Dept of members
Dept of Computer members
Dept of members
Dept of members
Dept of Electronic and Electrical members
Dept of Life members
Dept of Mathematical members
Dept of Mechanical members
Dept of members
Dept of Planning, Performance & Strategic members
Dept of Politics, Languages & International members
Dept of members
Dept of Social and Policy members
Digital Data and Technology members
Digital Marketing & members
Doctoral members
Education & Student members
Engineering & Design Technical members
Esther Parkin members
Facilities members
Faculty of Engineering and members
Faculty of Humanities and Social members
Faculty of members
Finance & members
Holburne members
Hospitality members
Human members
IAAPS Implementation members
Imaging Design and Print members
Institute for Policy members
Institute for members
Institute of members
Internal members
International Relations members
Learning Partnerships members members members
Natural members
PGT Recruitment & members
Purchasing members
Research Institute for the Care of Older People (RICE) members
Research and Innovation members
Residence members
Retail members
Risk, Resilience and members
Safety, Health & Employee members
School of members
Science Technical members members
Skills members
Sports Development and members
Strategic members
Student Immigration members
Student Policy & members
Student Recruitment & members
Student Support & members
Students' members
Vice Chancellor's members
Widening Participation members