Department of Estates

Deaf alerter system

The University campus has a deaf alerter system for informing people who are deaf or have impaired hearing of fire alarms. This system is available for staff, students and visitors who require it.

In the event of a fire alarm being activated, the system will alert you using a vibrating pager. The system relies on transmitters connected to individual fire panels in the campus buildings. When activated, they will send a text message to your pager stating which building the fire alarm is in.

This could be a building that you are occupying or a neighbouring building to ensure people with hearing difficulties are aware of the situation. The pager will only send alerts for buildings if the individual is inside or nearby, not for all buildings on campus.

This system represents a substantial investment by the University to ensure that we cater for special needs, and we hope those who could be protected it will make use of the equipment.

Using the deaf alerter system

All necessary equipment and batteries are issued free of charge. This equipment remains the property of the University. When you cease your employment with the University, or complete your education or visit, please return the equipment to Human Resources or Learning Resources.

We will provide training which covers what happens when the alarms are tested. As part of this process, we will also check that your pager is functioning.

Staff and Visitors

If you wish to use the deaf alerter system, please contact Craig Carter  at or 01225 383646.


If you wish to use the deaf alerter system, please contact Barbara Furnival in Student Services at or 01225 383284.

Compatibility with other alert systems

Our system is a Clarion installation. You may already have a pager which picks up this message from other sites in the UK. This should be compatible with our signal, but please check during the training process.

Please be aware that there is another service provider in the UK called ‘Deaf Alerter’. This system is not directly compatible with Clarion and you will need to use a Clarion pager for the Bath campus.

Nighttime cover for campus accommodation

Vibrating pillows are also available in most campus residences to warn people when the fire alarm activates. These are available from Accommodation Services, who will also brief residents on their operation. This would usually be in addition to the provision of a pager.

Cover for off-campus buildings

The system is provided off-campus in Carpenter House and the Innovation Centre.