Department of Estates


The University is making a huge investment in the Claverton Down campus, with more than £150 million of works underway or planned.

Each time the Department of Estates carries out a new project, either a refurbishment or a new build, consideration is given to updating or providing measures to assist those with disabilities. For example, equipping lecture theatres with hearing loops, putting in extra wide doors to assist with access, installing dropped kerbs at key points, providing accessible parking spaces and upgrading our accessible toilet provisions on campus. 

Notifications of interruption to normal services

Occasionally, project works may effect accessible routes. Where works are planned that will disrupt an accessible route, Estates will try to ensure that notifications are made in advance to all relevant people.

On occasion, emergency works also affect accessible routes and again Estates will send out notifications.

If you would like to receive notifications regarding known interruptions to normal services please sign up to the e-mail list. You will need to send the email (from the link) with the subject set as 'subscribe estates-interruptions-to-normal-service'. Please note, you will need to leave the email's main body of text blank.

Once subscribed you will receive an email for every known interruption to normal service.

Sympa email 1

You do not need to subscribe to the email list If you already receive interruptions to normal service notifications.

To stop receiving the email notifications please unsubscribe from email list. You will need to log into the University's mailing list website (from the link). You will need to log in using your personal University Username and Password, once logged in please click the unsubscribe tab.

Live lift status reports

You can view the operational status and information of university lifts on the live lift status report.

Once on the live lift status report you will need to sign in using the guest login.

Username: Guest1

Password: BathGu3st

Health and safety advice

Barriers placed around construction, refurbishment and building alteration work sites are there for your safety. You categorically may not pass round or move any barrier, however temporary, and whether or not work appears to be taking place at any time. Should you have any queries please contact the Helpdesk.


AccessAble have carried out access audits of the University campus on an annual basis since 2007. The audit provides access guides for each building and department across the campus.

AccessAble have created a number of accessible routes across the University campus.

A map of lift locations across the University campus is available from the Department of Estates. This highlights what levels are accessible via each lift. Should access be required to a particular lift when a building is closed, please contact Security via ext 5349.

Clarion deaf alerter system

The University has a deaf alerter system installed for staff, students and visitors who are deaf, or who have impaired hearing.

Hearing loops

Hearing loops are installed in many  of the University's general teaching areas (GTA  rooms). The Timetabling room information website has more information about which GTA  rooms have hearing loops.

The installation and maintenance of hearing loops is managed by the Audio Visual Department. The Audio Visual team are contactable via telephone (01225 384846) or via email.

Support for staff and students

Our Student Services team offers support for students with disabilities.

Our HR department provides support for staff with disabilities.

Helpful Information