Department of Estates

Fire alarms

Fire alarms will be tested regularly on the following days.

Day Building   
Wednesday   Boiler House
Wednesday  Estates Department
Wednesday  Chancellors' Building
Wednesday  3 East
Wednesday  Telephone Exchange
Wednesday  1 West North
Wednesday  1 West
Wednesday  3 West
Wednesday  3 West Annexe
Wednesday  3 West North
Wednesday  Fresh Shop
Wednesday  Library
Wednesday  1 East
Wednesday  Norwood House Floors 1-3
Wednesday  Norwood House Floors 4-10
Wednesday  Founders Hall
Wednesday  Chaplaincy
Wednesday  5 West
Wednesday 7 West
Wednesday 9 West
Wednesday 10 west
Wednesday 8 West
Wednesday Wessex House 1
Wednesday Wessex House 2
Wednesday 4 West
Wednesday Under Deck
Wednesday 2 West
Wednesday 2 East
Wednesday Energy Centre
Wednesday 4 East
Wednesday 6 East Arrivals Lift
Wednesday 6 East
Wednesday Bus Stop Toilet
Wednesday 8 East
Wednesday 4 East South
Thursday Westwood Nursery
Thursday Eastwood Lodge
Thursday Bale Haus
Thursday Eastwood House 22/23
Thursday The Lime Tree
Thursday East Building
Thursday The Edge
Thursday Bio Mechanics
Thursday STV Level 1
Thursday STV Level 2
Thursday Central Store
Thursday 5 South Primary Sub Station
Thursday Milner Building
Thursday 4 South Annexe
Thursday 3 South
Thursday 4 South
Thursday Radiation Store
Thursday Southern Comms
Thursday 1 South
Thursday 2 South
Thursday The Woodlands
Thursday Osborne House
Thursday The Lodge
Thursday 6 West South (UBSA)
Thursday 6 West