Department of Estates


 A map of lift locations across the University campus is available from the Department of Estates.

Live lift status reports and information

You can view the operational status and information of  university lifts on the live lift status report. (Please open this link inFirefox or Safari)

Once on the live lift status report you will need to sign in using the guest login.

Username: Guest1

Password: BathGu3st

Repairing and maintaining lifts

The Department of Estates maintains and repairs lifts across the University. There are number of  lifts on campus, many of which have been in service for more than 30 years.

The University spends in excess of £100,000 every year maintaining and repairing lifts. Lifts can be out of action due to scheduled maintenance, or because they are broken due to mechanical failure, mis-use or vandalism. Mis-use refers to problems which occur when, for example, a lift is overloaded or the call buttons are pressed multiple times, confusing the machinery. Vandalism is when deliberate damage occurs.