Department of Estates


The University has a new Masterplan which setsout a vision for the development of its Claverton Campus over the next twelve years from 2008-2020.

Transport is a key aspect of the Masterplan and the following areas have been considered in the Masterplan's development:

Bus services

A survey of staff and student travel patterns, along with a study of traffic movements on and off the campus, has been undertaken as part of the background work to this Masterplan.

The bus service cannot always cope with passenger numbers at peak times. However, as part of the Bath Transport Package the University bus service will be upgraded to ‘showcase' standard.

In addition, the University will negotiate with bus service providers in order to try to improve the frequency and reliability of the service.

Car parking

Parking spaces on campus are fully occupied during much of the academic year. The University is investigating ways in which existing capacity can be increased; for example through the use of ‘super compact' car parks that are designed for cars which are less than 3.5 metres in length. The Masterplan also proposes an increase of around 600 parking spaces in order to cater for increasing demand.


Potential improvements to the bicycle infrastructure will be investigated including new cycle routes which avoid the main roads. The University already has a policy of providing showers for cyclists in all new and refurbished buildings and is increasing the amount of covered cycle parking on campus.

A new cycle park is being commissioned at the bottom of Bathwick Hill and the University is investigating the possibility of a dedicated shuttle bus service from the campus to the Bathwick Hill roundabout during peak periods.


The campus already provides a valuable resource for pedestrians and this will be enhanced with a new perimeter footpath. New footpaths will also be constructed across the University Park to link the new buildings that are envisaged in this Masterplan.

Green transport

Greener modes of transport to and from the campus will be rewarded. Parking charges may be revised in order to encourage the use of less polluting vehicles and covered parking for motorcycles and scooters is being increased.