Department of Estates

Transport Strategy Consultative Working Group

Terms of Reference
(Last revised August 2011)

The Group will meet around 3 times per year to:

  • Discuss issues relating to the University Transport Plan
  • Review and discuss outcomes of Travel Surveys
  • Review and discuss issues in relation to all modes of transport to/from the University
  • Review and discuss issues in relation to parking of vehicles
  • Discuss issues raised by members of the University and local communities
  • Discuss initiatives to increase ‘greener transport’

The Transport Strategy Consultative Working Group recognise that there are environmental and safety issues attached to all forms of transport on the campus and it is intended that the Terms of Reference embrace all of these.

Recommendations on strategic transport matters arising from discussions are made to the Vice-Chancellor’s Group.

Date of last meeting:  22 April 2015

Date of next meeting: 15 July 2015

Secretarial support: Jane Eyles, Department of Estates


Bernie Morley , (Chair), Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost
Greg Dargue, Deputy Director of Estates
Chris Young, Head of Safety, Health and Environment
Brian Schofield, Head of Security
Dr Simon Crampin, Snr Lecturer, Physics
Dr Stephen Husbands, Snr Lecturer, Pharmacy & Pharmacology
Ian Walker, Department of Psychology
Robert Brain, UNITE Representative 
Lucy Woodcock, SU Representative
Vacancy, SU Representative
Saskia Heijltjes, BUBUG Representative
Vicky Davis, Finance