Department of Estates

Contractors and consultants

If you are a contractor or consultant working at the University of Bath, this section has information on induction and forms that you should complete.

Contractor induction

Before arriving on campus, employees of contractor companies working for the University of Bath must register and complete an online induction. This consists of four videos with a short test after each.

  1. Register your details
  2. Log in to start your induction

Due to changes on campus, this induction needs to be retaken every year. You will get a reminder email one to two weeks prior to the induction expiring.

Policy and procedure

Please read the following policy and procedure before you start your online induction.

Forms for consultants

The Project Execution Plan (PEP) form is required by all project managers for monitoring construction and refurbishment projects. Instructions for using the form are found in Work Instruction P002W1, in the Department of Estates Quality Manual.

The Record Information Specification document is required by all contractors and project managers providing the department with drawings. Details of this can be found in Work Instruction P002W2, in the Department of Estates Quality Manual.

All project managers are required to complete the Project Notification form for notification of new projects.


The appointed asbestos consultant should complete the Asbestos Spreadsheet Template.

Condition survey spreadsheet templates

These are to be completed by the appointed condition survey consultant.


The University of Bath uses Constructionline, the government's pre-qualification database, to manage and monitor all contractors and consultants.

The University prefer all construction-related suppliers (contractors and consultants) to register with Constructionline.

There are many benefits to your organisation by registering with Constructionline. Not only will your organisation be pre-qualified to do business with the University, but it also gives you the opportunity to connect with all types of buyers from the public and private sector – all looking for new suppliers. Constructionline also saves you time and frustration by simply removing the need to complete endless PQQ forms every time you tender.

Pre-qualifying contractors and consultants is an extremely time-intensive and expensive process, and by using Constructionline to pre-qualify contractors and consultants, we are able to increase the efficiency of how the University operates and make the process more streamlined.