Department of Estates

Floral decorations

The Landscape team provides floral displays for occasions including graduation ceremonies, ceremonial dinners and conferences. Any event using the campus as its venue can request floral decorations. Departments can also order floral displays for offices, reception areas and meeting rooms.

We grow many different plants and cuttings in the campus greenhouses for use around the University. The displays are arranged using indoor plants, such as tropical foliage. Additional flowering plants such as chrysanthemum, begonia, or orchid can also be included.

We supply the displays in white planters which can be either rectangular or circular.

Request a display

Requests and firm orders should be placed at least 10 to 15 days prior to the event date via Agresso via supplier code 80002 and product code P-XRE-942. Please provide details of your order (including delivery times/dates) in the description box on Agresso.

Charges are based on the amount of labour involved in the preparation, delivery and subsequent collection of the displays after the event. The purchase of extra seasonal stock if necessary will also incur a cost.

For more information and a quote, contact  Andrew Veale at 01225 385872 or