Department of Estates

Maintenance responsibilities

You can think of the Department of Estates as your landlord, our budget covers the cost of the upkeep of the existing fabric of the building, but any equipment/machinery maintenance, cosmetic, improvement or additional works are chargeable.  

Chargeable works

Chargeable works are carried out at the expense of the requesting department and need to be submitted as an Agresso Order. Once the order is received we are only able to view the Agresso description box, price and requisitions details. Please input all relevant information (Including; location or work) into the description box.

Once an Agresso Order has been approved and sent to Estates, it is converted into a work request, these are automatically assigned a target completion period of 15 working days. If you need a more urgent response please contact the Estates Helpdesk before raising your order.

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The maintenance list below gives a guide to what we are responsible for. The final decision is at the discretion of the Director of Estates.

Maintenance Who pays?
Air conditioning maintenance Client/requesting department
Appliance testing Client/requesting department
Blackboards Client/requesting department
Building fabric (wall plaster, etc, excluding vandalism) Department of Estates
Catering equipment - blocked drains Client/requesting department
Catering equipment - gas service (from local isolation valves) Client/requesting department
Catering equipment - water (from local isolation valve) Client/requesting department
Ceiling and ceiling tiles Department of Estates
Clean room facilities Client/requesting department
Coat hooks (additional) Client/requesting department
Compressed air (central system) Department of Estates
Curtains, blinds and finishes Client/requesting department
Door and lock repairs (except those installed at request of department) Department of Estates
Door springs Department of Estates
Drainage Department of Estates
Electrical equipment (departmental) Client/requesting department
Emergency lighting Department of Estates
Extensions to sockets and circuits Client/requesting department
External doors and windows Department of Estates
Fire alarms Department of Estates
Fire door repairs Department of Estates
Fire equipment (when a legal requirement for building) Department of Estates
Fire equipment (when additionally requested by the department) Client/requesting department
Fire trace system (inter-service failure) Client/requesting department
Fixed electrical installations (up to isolator for departmental equipment) Department of Estates
Fixed lighting Department of Estates
Floor finishing (maintenance and repairs only) Department of Estates
Fume cupboard fire trace system (service visits only) Department of Estates
Furniture Client/requesting department
Gas service to insulation valve (catering only) Department of Estates
Gas services (central system) Department of Estates
Glazing Department of Estates
Grease filters Client/requesting department
Grease interception equipment Client/requesting department
Grease traps Client/requesting department
Hard and soft landscape Department of Estates
Heating systems (central) Department of Estates
Hot and cold water mains Department of Estates
Joinery repairs Department of Estates
Keys (including keypads, swipe locks and Magi locks) Client/requesting department
Key cutting for doors (we do not cut keys for furniture) Client/requesting department
Lifts Department of Estates
Lock suites (new for security reasons, etc) Client/requesting department
Minor alterations (new sinks, for example) Client/requesting department
Name plates for doors Department of Estates
Notice boards Client/requesting department
Painting and decorating (as general estate upkeep) Department of Estates
Painting and decorating (as improvement works) Client/requesting department
PAT testing Client/requesting department
Pest control Department of Estates
Picture fixing Client/requesting department
Plumbing Department of Estates
Resiting of any fixed electrical or mechanical installations Client/requesting department
Roller shutters (fitted by client/department) Client/requesting department
Roof repairs Department of Estates
Security improvements (window bars, alarms, etc) Client/requesting department
Security locks Client/requesting department
Shelving Client/requesting department
Signposting (departmental) Client/requesting department
Structural and building inspections Department of Estates
Toilet and washroom facilities Department of Estates
Towel and soap dispensers (ONLY public washrooms, i.e. not laboratories) Department of Estates
Upholstery Client/requesting department
Vacuum pumps (central) Department of Estates
Ventilation equipment Department of Estates
Water mains (central system) Department of Estates
Window cleaning Client/requesting department