Chemical Characterisation and Analysis Facility

What do we do?

Our facility combines cutting-edge analytical equipment with extensive in-house expertise to provide a comprehensive chemical characterisation service for the commercial sector. Our staff are expert analytical scientists and instrument specialists, with extensive experience of a wide range of application areas.


Industrial consultancy

Our multi-technique approach will give you information on:

  • The types and quantities of different atoms in your compounds
  • The molecular weights and formulae
  • Structure and bonding in molecules, and
  • Identification of impurities

We offer a range of comprehensive services, please see our industrial consultancy page for more information.



From method development, through sample preparation and analysis, to data processing and interpretation, we will aim to help in any way we can. We pride ourselves on giving you a rapid, reliable, competitively priced and confidential service.

Contact us

For further information on availability and costs, please contact:

Dr Anneke Lubben -
+44 (0) 1225 384173


Internal users

For information on all our methods, for University of Bath staff and students, please see our internal CCAF wiki pages.