Finance & Procurement

Advances for foreign travel

You will be given a peach coloured Advance Clearance form at the time of collecting your advance. The front page of this form must be completed together with supporting schedules and vouchers.

Claims for reimbursement of expenses incurred in the course of University business are subject to the rules currently in force as laid down in the Financial Regulations. Claims submitted more than six months following the date that the expenditure was incurred will not be reimbursed.

Print the Advance Request form for foreign travel

Scheduling expenditure

A schedule must be produced detailing the expenditure, the currency and the exchange rate, referencing each item back to a supporting voucher. This expenditure should be analysed as to travel, accommodation and subsistence, entertaining and other.

The most straightforward way of doing this is to use the Foreign Travel Advance Clearance Schedule as follows:

  • Record your expenditure on the Single Currency Sheet using a separate sheet for each currency used.
  • Analyse your expenditure across the headings of accommodation and subsistence, travel, business entertaining/hospitality and sundry.
  • All claims must be supported by receipts – giving each receipt a voucher number for use when entering on the schedules. Trivial expenditure, under £5, will be reimbursed without the support of a receipt.
  • The exchange rate you should use, when converting foreign currency into Sterling, 

In the case of currency, use either the average exchange rate you were charged for conversion or the rate current at the time as quoted in the UK press. If the former differs significantly from the latter, and you have used the former, please provide evidence to back up the rate used.

In the case of credit card purchases, you can use either the actual sterling cost charged on your statement or the rate current at the time as quoted in the UK press. If the former, please provide a photocopy of the statement in addition to the actual receipt obtained at the time.

  • Please note that a credit card statement does NOT count as a receipt. You will need to produce not just a copy of the appropriate part of the statement but also the receipt received at the time.
  • Transfer the Sterling totals from each Single Currency Sheet to the Summary Sheet.


The Finance Office will code the expenditure:

  • To the Accounting Unit/Activity specified at the time of the advance
  • To the Accounting code applicable to the type of expenditure

Provided the expenditure has been analysed over the columns on the Clearance Forms, the coding section at the bottom of the peach form can be ignored unless you wish the coding to be anything different than originally specified.

Return completed forms and vouchers (in voucher number order) to the Finance Office. Please note that any monies not used from the advance should be converted back into Sterling and returned together with the clearance form to the Cashier's Office. The Cashier's Office is not in a position to accept currencies other than Sterling. These should be returned within one week of your return to the University.