Leaving The University

Check List

  1. Hand your resignation to your manager/HR in time frame agreed in your contract
  2. Inform HR of any holiday pay owed to you
  3. Check your address is up to date on Trent if employed by HR using Employee Self Service (ESS) or the front of your payslip.


If resigning from your post make sure it is in keeping with your contractual notice with your departmental manager and resignation procedures with HR.

Holiday Pay

The university prefers that holiday is taken prior to the leaving date, however we acknowledge that this is not always achievable.

Therefore, let your manager know your anticipated last working day so they can calculate how many days of untaken holiday you are entitled to and these will be paid in your final salary.

Hourly paid Holiday Pay

All Hourly paid/variable staff are paid their holiday along side their claims and can be seen on their payslips.


If you are approaching retirement age we advise that you visit the Pensions Office to discuss what Retirement Benefit options are available.

You may want to request a Forecast of your Benefits so you know how much pension you will be receiving.

This appointment needs to be made 8-10 weeks prior to your retirement date.

What we will do

After human resources has entered your leaving date we will produce a P45 after the last payroll of your period of employment.

The P45 is an important document that a future employer will require for your taxation purposes. It shows your taxable pay and tax paid to your date of leaving and failure to give this to your new employer will result in additional tax payments.

The P45 is a four part document:

  • P45 part 1 - we send to the tax office via the internet (you will not receive this part)
  • P45 part 1a - is to keep for your records
  • P45 parts 2 & 3 - you give these parts to your new employer. If you are retiring the Pensions office will send these to your relevant pension scheme. Therefore you will only receive part 1a.

P45's are posted to your home address shown on the front your most recent payslip or on ESS.

Ensure that the address on the payslip is correct.

To make amendments you can use ESS or inform human resources prior leaving.