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Future of Work research centre

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Our interdisciplinary research examines how work will develop and how these developments will shape individuals, organisations and society.

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Future of Work

The Future of Work (FoW) research centre is a hub for interdisciplinary research. We examine how work will develop in the future and how these developments will shape individuals, organisations and society.

We draw together researchers from across the University as well as from public and private sector industry.

Our work and aims

Our main aim is to produce high-quality, internationally-regarded research. Our research is by nature applied: we work with organisations to understand and address their future needs.

Important goals for the Centre include:

  • sustaining a collaborative research culture in which members can develop their research
  • offering a space to discuss relevant work and research
  • redefining scholarship to encompass a broader definition of 'good' research. As well as producing high-quality research, we want our work to have a real and positive impact.

Our approach influences how we work. By investigating the future of research itself, we can apply what we find to improving our research methods.

Our activities and principles

We continually review our core activities to reflect evolving insights and membership. Nonetheless, two of our key principles are:

  1. adopting a critical approach, towards ourselves and society (e.g. through critiquing current practices)
  2. involving a wide array of stakeholders such as organisations, government bodies and students. We emphasise collaboration across traditional boundaries.


28 September 2018, 11:30 - 18:30 (BST) – Bath/Bristol

Think research is all about dusty libraries, white coats and test tubes? Then FUTURES is set to make you think again!

FUTURES is a unique opportunity for members of the public, of all ages, to experience first-hand how the innovative research taking place locally is helping to shape our future.

This series of free events is taking place at venues across Bath and Bristol, including the Holborne and Edge in Bath, and We the Curious, the central library and The Island in Bristol.