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Adding research outputs to Pure

How to add your research outputs to Pure, a prerequisite for displaying them in Opus and on your departmental webpage.

Research outputs you should add

You must add journal articles and conference papers published in formal proceedings accepted for publication from 1 April 2016.

These are the most important because they are the ones covered by the UKRI REF Open Access policy. This policy states that you must make outputs open access within three months of their acceptance for publication.

You should also add your older publications and non-journal research outputs so that they appear on your Research Activity Report and can be linked to your other records in Pure.

Three ways to add research outputs

Click on the green ‘Add new’ button at the top right of the screen, select ‘Research output’ and choose one of the following options:

  • ‘Create from template’: select the appropriate template and manually fill in the details
  • ‘Import from online source’: search a database to automatically populate your template. You can use this option if you have the DOI for the publication
  • ‘Import from file’: upload in bulk if your portfolio of publications is in BibTex or RIS format. If you have moved from a university that used Pure or hosted an institutional repository you should be able to obtain this file from them

Filling in the template

  • Fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory
  • Add as much information as possible to increase the visibility of your research. An abstract is particularly useful
  • Leave the following sections empty: ‘Bibliographical note’, ‘External publication ids’ and ‘Article Processing Charge (APC)’
  • Make links under 'Relations' to your other content in Pure
  • Remember to click on ‘Save’ before you close your record
  • The Library Open Access team check the details of all research outputs, so you don't need to worry about breaching copyright agreements

Publication statuses

Your research output will go through a number of stages on its journey to publication. Each time you update its status the record will need to be revalidated by the Library Open Access team. For a few days your research output will disappear from both Opus and your departmental webpage.

  • In preparation: the date the work is being prepared for submission. The record's visibility is set to ‘Backend - restricted to Pure users’ and so will not appear on Opus
  • Submitted: the date the work was submitted to a journal for peer review. The record's visibility is set to ‘Backend - restricted to Pure users’ and so will not appear on Opus
  • Accepted/In press: the date the work is approved, following all peer review changes. You should upload the version of the work that was last sent to the publisher within three months of this date. (This version is also referred to as a ‘post-print’, ‘author’s accepted manuscript’ or ‘author’s final version’.) By default the record's visibility is set to ‘Public - No restriction’ and will appear on Opus once checked
  • E-pub ahead of print: the date the publisher-formatted version was made available on the publisher’s webpage. The Pure record can be updated to include a link
  • Published: the date the work was formally published. The Pure record can be updated to include volume, issue and page numbers
  • Unpublished: only use this category for PhD theses

Authors and affiliations

You may have multiple organisational affiliations in Pure, including research centres and institutes. If not all are relevant to a particular research output you can remove them by clicking on the minus sign next to the name. Conversely, you can add an organisational unit by clicking on ‘Add organisational unit …’

To add additional authors to an output click on ‘Add person …’ and either select a name from your previous co-authors, search for a University of Bath staff member, or create an external person.

Please note that if you need to change your status on a research output from an external author to an internal author the Pure team can do this for you automatically.

Each research output on your Research Activity Report must be accompanied by a percentage that reflects your contribution to the work. To add your author percentage contribution:

  1. Click on the ‘Edit’ button next to your name.
  2. Scroll down to ‘Author contribution & percentage’ and move the sliding scale to the appropriate number.
  3. Click ‘Update’.

Electronic version(s) and related files and links

To meet the UKRI open access policy you must attach the author accepted manuscript within three months of the article’s acceptance date.

  1. Click on ‘Add electronic version’.
  2. Select ‘Upload an electronic version’.
  3. Click ‘Browse’ and select the file you want to add.
  4. Select the most appropriate version under 'Document version'. In most cases this should be the ‘Accepted author manuscript’.
  5. Select 'Closed' under 'Public Access to File'. The Library Open Access team will set up any embargo required by the publisher and ensure that the output becomes open access at the appropriate time.
  6. The other fields can be left blank. Click ‘Create’ to finish.


If your research output is connected to a presentation at a conference or workshop, fill out the details of the event.


You should link your research outputs to any funding to improve reporting to ResearchFish and OpenAire.


An explanation of the four visibility settings.