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Applying for a Sallie Mae private loan

What to do if you are a US student applying for a private loan to study at a foreign university.

Before you apply for a private loan

Terms and conditions for loans from private lenders are usually less favourable than those available through Title IV Direct Loans. You should check if you are eligible for a Title IV Direct Loan before committing to a private loan.

Make sure you read the information regarding the loan interest rates and repayment options. Consider your long-term borrowing and your repayments against your future employment salary expectations.

Plan for your repayments

We strongly advise that you use a repayment calculator to help you consider your education loans borrowing and repayment options. Please use this to plan your repayments against your future salary expectations and as part of your budget planning.

Apply for a Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan

The Smart Option Student Loan from Sallie Mae is the only private loan currently available to US students at a foreign university. The Smart Option Student loan is available for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Complete a Cost of Attendance (COA) calculator

You must complete a Cost of Attendance calculator spreadsheet. This year's calculators will be available in early April 2017.

These contain average costs for studying and living in Bath. You can adjust the amounts in the COA but note there are maximum limits in place. Use the calculator appropriate to your student status.

We have the right to question any costs we consider too high or inappropriate and adjust your COA. Budget guides are available from the Money Advice Team.

You must include any funding you'll receive from other sources, such as sponsorship and scholarships. If you are waiting for the result of an application for additional funding, you must tell us.

You can only apply for costs for the relevant academic year and study period. The study period is 12 months for postgraduates and 9 months for undergraduates.

Complete the Self-Certification Form

You must complete the Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification.

Apply online

Apply for a Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan for undergraduate or postgraduate students.

Send us your completed documents

Email us a copy of your electronically signed Promissory Note from your loan provider, your completed Cost of Attendance calculator spreadsheet and the Self-Certification form.

Make sure you apply for your loans before the end of June to help with the loans process. If you apply later than this your loan may be delayed.




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