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Applying for a Title IV Direct Loan

What to do if you are a US student applying for a Title IV Direct Loan and how we respond to your application.

Before you apply

Plan your repayments

We strongly advise that you use a repayment estimator to help you consider your education loans borrowing and repayment options. Please use this to plan your repayments against your future salary expectations and as part of your budget planning.

Direct PLUS Loans

You or the person endorsing you needs to have an approved credit check for a Parent or Graduate PLUS Loan. If you or your endorser fails the credit check then you will not be eligible for a Direct PLUS Loan. You may be required to have additional loan counselling.

Distance learners

If you are a distance learner studying less than half-time or are on an ineligible programme of study you cannot apply for a Title IV Direct Loan. You could look into private loans as an option.

Applying for a Direct Loan

You need the Federal school code and the Office of Postsecondary Education Identification (OPE ID) code for your loan application.

Federal school code: G11679
OPE ID code: 01167900

Register for Selective Service

If you are male you need to be registered for Selective Service before your 26th birthday.

If you are not registered, your Title IV Direct Loans application will be rejected.

If you are exempt or became an eligible citizen after your 26th birthday you need to provide evidence of this.

Apply for a Federal Student Aid PIN

Apply online for a Federal Student Aid PIN so you can complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application.

After this has been processed, you will receive an electronic copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR).

Complete a Cost of Attendance (COA) calculator

You must complete a Cost of Attendance calculator spreadsheet.

These have been populated with average costs for studying and living in Bath. You can adjust the amounts in the COA but note there are maximum limits in place. Use the calculator appropriate to your student status.

Origination fees charged by the US Department of Education are estimated in the COAs. They are subject to an annual increase following any US Government budget announcements due in late May.

We have the right to question any costs we consider too high or inappropriate and adjust your COA. Budget guides are available from the Money Advice Team.

You must include any funding you will receive from other sources such as sponsorship and university scholarships. If you are waiting for the result of an application for additional funding, you must tell us.

You can only apply for costs for the relevant academic year and study period. The study period is 12 months for postgraduates and 9 months for undergraduates.

Complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN)

You will need to complete a new online MPN for each academic year that you receive student loans at a foreign school. This is a legal document through which you promise to repay your Title IV Direct Loans and any accrued interest and fees. It also explains the terms and conditions of your loans.

Complete Title IV Direct Loan Entrance Counselling

You must complete Title IV Direct Loan Entrance Counselling before we set up your loans. This is an online financial capability session to make sure that you are fully aware of your loan package, interest rates and repayment commitments.

How we respond to your application

If you email us your COA and other supporting documents in good time, we will contact you twice before you start your studies; once near the end of June and again in mid-July. If you send us any documentation late or the US loans online systems is not available for processing, these timescales may change.

By the end of June

We will send you an initial entitlement award letter (not for visa purposes). You need to sign this and return it to confirm your requested loan amounts.

Your loans are subject to change if you are subsequently awarded any other type of scholarship, sponsorship, funding or your loan eligibility changes.

You must update us about any additional funding you are awarded or are due to receive.

By mid-July

Your loans will be set up in the US loans systems.

If you require a Tier 4 visa we will post you a letter outlining your Title IV Direct Loans. This letter is set out in an approved format as agreed with the UK Visas & Immigration Agency and can be used as evidence of funding for your Tier 4 student visa.

When you are here

You must register as a student of the University. The University’s Student Records Office will send you an email telling you when you can do this.

When you get here, you must attend any sessions where you are required to submit any documents for verification such as your passport, visa and evidence of qualifications.

You will receive notification of these sessions via Application Tracker. You can also find information on the induction web pages for undergraduates and taught postgraduates and research postgraduates.

Failure to complete any mandatory induction sessions will delay the first payment of your student loans. We will not authorise the release of the first instalment until you are fully registered.

We will report your attendance, and any changes to this, to the US Department of Education via the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). This is so they are aware that you are in studies e.g. full-time or at least half time or less than half time. We will also report your attendance once you have graduated or left studies.

At the end of your studies

As a condition of your loan terms, you have to complete Direct Loan Exit Counselling when your programme of study is coming to an end.

You must complete Exit Counselling for each type of loan you borrow.

Email to tell us you have completed your Exit Counselling.




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