University of Bath

Commercialising your research

How to commercialise the outcomes of your research, including protecting your intellectual property and disclosing your inventions to the University.

Research Commercialisation

The Research Commercialisation Managers in RIS can help you with commercialising your research outcomes through:

Protecting your Intellectual Property

Reviewing academic invention disclosures and identifying novel outputs. These could be protected through patenting, software, design or database rights, trademark and copyright.

Managing your patent

Working with academic staff and external partners to develop, review, file and manage the ongoing renewal of the University patent portfolio.

Commercialising your Intellectual Property

Undertaking market analysis, marketing of opportunities, identifying partners, developing licence deals and new company formation.

Developing funding

Accessing proof of concept funding, through commercialisation deals with academic staff. This is to develop new research and development projects for embedding licensed technologies within external partners.

Intellectual Property protection process

See our process and summary for protecting your Intellectual Property.

This process involves recording your inventions.

Complete the Invention Record Form for disclosing your invention to the University.

This will asses the potential for protecting your Intellectual property.

Contact the Research Commercialisation Managers to review and submit your form.