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Funding and loans for Canadian students studying in the UK

If you are a Canadian citizen or national you can choose to fund your studies in different ways.

Funding your studies

Planning to meet the costs of attending university is an investment in the future, and there are a number of options you should consider when planning to fund your studies, including:

  • education loans
  • scholarships
  • family
  • part-time work

Education loans

The Canadian Government, its provinces and territories offer student loans to eligible students studying at overseas universities.

For details on eligibility, how to apply and for any queries about these loans, visit Canada Student Loans. You will also find information about other student loans that may be available to you from Canadian banks.

Email if you take out a loan from the government, its provinces or territories and need to have enrolment forms or tuition fee confirmation forms completed.

Our education institution code is: PUAE

Before you sign up for an education loan, make sure you plan your borrowing and think about your repayment commitments based on your future salary expectations.

Canadian tax forms

Email if you need a Canadian tax form to be completed.

Campus-based students will need form TL11A.

Distance learning students will need form TL11D.

To request a form, email, quoting:

  • your name
  • your student ID number
  • the tax year or years the form is needed


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