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How to apply for jobs in ahs

Find out about the different ways apply for a job in the Accommodation and Hospitality Services department at the University of Bath.

Domestic Assistant in The Quads accommodation
Domestic Assistant in The Quads accommodation

Come to a Recruitment Open Day

You can apply for any of our current job vacancies at one of our recruitment open days. These are a great opportunity to meet recruiting managers and HR staff, ask questions about the department and have a short job interview if you choose to apply for a role.

Apply online

Visit the jobs section of the University website and apply online.

You’ll need an email address to complete the online application form, which can be saved and returned to at any point.

Contact our HR team

You can apply by contacting Kate Noad, Recruitment & Staff Engagement Coordinator, on or 01225 385482.

Explain which role you are interested in and you’ll be sent a job vacancy registration form. After returning the completed form, you’ll be invited to our next Recruitment Open Day or to come in for an interview.