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Tobacco Control Research Group


Our multidisciplinary group produces high quality research that evaluates the impact of public health policy and the impact of broader policy changes including investment and trade liberalisation on health. This research is used to inform future policies.

We also examine the influence of major corporations on health behaviours, health outcomes and policy, thereby expanding our understanding of the corporation as a determinant of health.

Our group is part of the UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies (UKCTAS), one of the five UK Public Health Research Centres of Excellence.


You can access our TobaccoTactics site, which provides up-to-date information on the Tobacco Industry, its allies or those promoting a pro-tobacco agenda.

Group funding

Our research is funded by a number of organisations including the Medical Research Council, Government bodies and Charities. View our current grants.


  • Denis-Henri Faguet (PhD Student)
  • Allen Gallagher (PhD Student)
  • Cathy Flower (Research Group Administrator)

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