Human Resources

Electrical Safety

Electricity can cause serious injury or even death which is why all electrical work at the University must be carried out by trained and competent professionals.  

Fixed wire electrical systems must be inspected and tested at regular intervals and all electrical equipment must be regularly examined using Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) to make sure they are safe.  This includes desktop computers, kettles, heaters and lights.   Broken or damaged electrical equipment, including wiring, should not be used and thus must be removed and disposed of in accordance with relevant legislation. 

All electrical equipment must be suitable for the purpose, including the use to which it will be put and the environment in which it will be used.  Care should be taken to ensure that electrical extension sockets are not overloaded or placed in locations where they may be subjected to accidental knocks and spills.  Ideally the use of extension sockets should be kept to a minimum and never used for high wattage appliances such as heaters and kettles.