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E-timesheets enable claims to be submitted by the individual worker via their Employee Self Service login.

Once submitted, each timesheet require two levels of approval, firstly by the Line Manager and secondly by the Departmental Authoriser, before then progressing to Payroll.

The whole process is electronic and is initiated by the individual who has completed the work.

Guidance on e-timesheets, including screenshots is available

Rollout of e-timesheets

Electronic timesheets are gradually being introduced in departments across the University.

Currently the departments that are set up to use e-timesheets are:

    Sports Development & Recreation


    Faculty of Engineering & Design

    Accommodation & Hospitality

    Academic Registry

    Widening Participation Office

    Campus Retail & Commercial Operations

    Dept. of Mathematical Sciences

    Dept. of Chemical Engineering

    Dept. of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

    Dept. of Architecture & Civil Engineering

    Dept. Engineering & Design Faculty Office

    Dept. of Natural Sciences

    Dept. of Physics

    Dept. of Economics

    Dept. of Computer Science

    Dept. of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

    Dept. of Biology & Biochemistry 


If you have not been informed by your manager that your department is set up to use e-timesheets, you should submit timesheets via the Hourly Paid Tool.

If you have positions in more than one department, you will only be able to use e-timesheets for those positions within the departments that have gone live with e-timesheets, the other roles will need to have timesheets submitted via the Hourly Paid Tool.


If you are unable to complete an e-timesheet, in the first instance please contact your manager.

If a manager hasn’t received a timesheet that has been submitted, please check the reporting lines are correct using the hourly paid listing.

If there are technical problems, with your Employee Self Service login, please contact Computing Services.