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if you need any further advice on the induction process please contact your HR Manager 


All new staff need to be introduced to the University, to the department in which they work, and to their job.

Joining a new organisation can be interesting and challenging. It may take you time to settle in, find your way around and become effective in your role.

Induction to the Department

Your manager/supervisor will organise your induction to the department which is an important way of ensuring that both you and the Department derive real benefit from your appointment. The aim is to enable you to perform effectively as soon as possible.

Our induction checklist can help you and your manager/supervisor with this settling in process.  It can be adapted by teams or departments for their own use, and is suitable for those using the Effective Behaviours Framework (EBF)


'Induction Plus' is relevant to you if you have been appointed to a job in the Management, Specialist and Administrative job family with a job description incorporating the Effective Behaviours Framework (EBF).

At the mid-point and at the end of your probation period, your performance will be judged against the benchmark of the effective behaviours described in this framework. It is important therefore you discuss your performance and development against the benchmark of the EBF with your manager during regular one to one meetings during the induction period. In most cases your manager will be familiar with the EBF as a result of using the framework in the Staff Development and Performance Review Process called SDPR plus.

Orientation in the University

Our Introduction to the University of Bath is a regular half-day event open to all new staff. With an opening welcome and question and answer session by a member of the senior management team, it aims to help you understand what the University is here to do, how it aims to do it, and the values we aspire to.

Once you have started work and have your University email address, we will send you an invitation to the next orientation event. If you do not receive this invitation please contact Staff Development.

If you work a non-standard shift patterns your Department will organise a tailored programme.

In addition to the induction event, all staff are strongly encouraged to familiarise themselves with further induction guidance and materials to help them get to know the departments, facilities and services that make up the University of Bath.