Human Resources

Mentoring scheme for staff in Education & Research job family 

The University is committed to supporting the development of staff through mentoring, which has been shown to have a positive effect on individuals’ career success and organisational return on investment. 

This scheme is founded on the principles that experienced academic colleagues are best placed to help staff identify and connect with a suitable mentor, and that supporting less experienced colleagues by mentoring is a fundamental feature of an academic role. Organisation of the process is therefore rooted in the academic community, with a light administrative oversight and support for co-ordinators and mentors to develop the necessary skills and networks.


Mentors in this context provide informal support for colleagues in their career and welfare. It is distinct from the mentors assigned to probationary lecturers who have a specific role. Mentoring is best performed by someone who has trodden the path of the mentee before them, whether this refers to the whole scope of an academic career, broader experience outside the University, or a specific current concern.
The Education and Research Job Family includes lecturers, senior lecturers, readers, professors, research assistants, research fellows and teaching fellows.


The scheme is open to all Education and Research Staff who have completed probation. It is a voluntary, developmental scheme unconnected to career progression. 


Any member of Education and Research staff (academics, researchers and teaching fellows) who wishes to find a mentor, or who wishes to offer their services as a mentor, should contact their departmental / School mentoring co-ordinator in the first instance

Departmental mentoring co-ordinators

  • Architecture & Civil Engineering: Dr Alexander Copping
  • Biology & Biochemistry: Dr Hazel Corradi
  • Chemical Engineering: Prof Semali Perera
  • Chemistry: Prof Jon Williams
  • Computer Science: Prof Guy McCusker
  • Economics: Dr Peter Postl
  • Education: Prof Chris James
  • Electronic & Electrical Engineering: Prof Cathryn Mitchell
  • Health: Dr Fiona Gillison
  • Management: Prof Juani Swart
  • Mathematical Sciences: Dr Lucia Scardia
  • Mechanical Engineering: Prof Richie Gill and Dr Marcelle McManus
  • Pharmacy & Pharmacology: Prof Mark Lindsay
  • Physics: Dr Daniel Wolverson
  • Politics, Languages & International Studies: Mr Brett Edwards
  • Psychology: Dr Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis and Dr Anthony Little
  • Social & Policy Sciences: Dr Kate Woodthorpe