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Organisational Development (OD) is any planned and managed process that sets out to improve the performance of an organisation. It takes a systems approach, seeking to understand and work with both the structural things like organisational structures, policies and procedures, and the human facets like culture, mood and leadership. Anything that influences and adjusts these [things] and the relationships between them can be part of Organisational Development.

The Staff Development Unit leads and helps with a variety of OD projects, helping to bring people together and work collaboratively on changing the complex system that is the University to better achieve its goals.

To illustrate the kind of OD projects we can help you with, these pages will give information on past and current projects in which we have been/are involved. 

Please get in touch if you think you have an initiative that would benefit from an OD approach.

Current Projects

1. Effective Behaviours Project

Phase 1

(November 2010 - October 2012) encompassed: Project planning; Setting up of Steering Group and Project Team; Information and Consultation; Research and Analysis. Pilot. 


To Identify and develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to underpin the university’s mission and provide effective support for its business, now and in the future.

  • University’s Corporate Plan - recruitment and retention of excellent staff who are supported, informed and equipped to contribute fully to the delivery of these goals.
  • The need for a more comprehensive and consistent map of administrative capabilities.
  • Business Process Efficiency – creating a shared understanding and common language.
  • (External driver) A more market-like environment and a period of uncertainty, financial constraints and possible volatility.
  • To develop a coherent framework describing the knowledge, skills behaviours (KSB) required in administrative roles, both in generic administrative and professional/specialist administrative roles.
  • From the framework, develop tools for managers and individuals to evaluate strengths, gaps and areas for improvement.
  • To decide how the university can best support the development of these knowledge, skills and behaviours so that administrative staff can develop to their full potential.
  • The project encompasses all staff in grades 3 to 9 of the Management Specialist and Administrative (MSA) job family in Faculties, Professional Services and ‘Operational’ Depts.. 
  • There was no pre-existing framework relating to the knowledge, skills and behaviours for this target group.
Timeline: November 2010 - October 2012
For more information please contact Angie Allcock, Staff Development Manager.

Phase 2 

2. Coaching Academy 

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