Human Resources

Accidents, Incidents & Emergencies


Internal Emergency Number: 666 (internal) 01225 383999 (if using a mobile)

Accidents can and do happen but their likelihood and impact can be reduced by greater awareness of the hazards, understanding the risks they pose and putting in place measures to control them. 

Despite our best efforts some incidents can become emergency situations.  The risk of serious injury can be reduced if the incident is dealt with as efficiently and quickly as possible. If you believe there is an emergency situation then you should ring the emergency number 666 (above).  You will be immediately connected with the Security Control Room who will carry out any action necessary. 

Reporting Incidents

It is important that all incidents are reported regardless of whether injury has been caused or not.  This data helps inform what type of additional controls are required to prevent a reoccurrence.   There is also a legal obligation to report specific incidents to the Health & Safety Executive.   

Incidents can be reported electronically using Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser. For those that do not have access to a computer the paper form can be used.

Incidents for this purpose include:

  • Road traffic accidents (on campus or when using University vehicles)

  • Work related accidents (mishaps)

  • Slips, trips and falls

  • Fire (including all alarm activations)

  • Act of violence (assault)

  • Near misses