Human Resources

Expectant and new mothers

Pregnancy and Work

Most pregnant women can continue to work throughout their pregnancy although some minor adjustments to their workstation or other working arrangements may be necessary. 

Risk to Baby

For most women, working whilst pregnant carries a very low risk for both them and their unborn child.  There are however some occasions when women work in more hazardous conditions or may be potentially exposed to hazards which they might otherwise not be concerned about such as radiation, lead and chemicals.  Physically demanding tasks such as lifting, twisting and carrying also need to be considered carefully.  It is therefore important that the line manager be informed of their pregnancy in writing, as soon as possible so that a risk assessment can be carried out and any appropriate control measures put in place.

Welfare Room

A room dedicated for the use of expectant and nursing mothers is available in Wessex House.  This room contains a bed to aid relaxation, a chair and fridge for milk to be expressed. Further information can be obtained from the University Health, Safety & Environment Service.