Human Resources

Health and Safety Roles

The University Health, Safety & Environment Service has both a strategic and operational role across all areas of the University's work activities, where these have a potential impact on health, safety and wellbeing. This means that the service is available and applicable to staff, students and contractors.

Departmental Competence

The roles relevant to all Departments include that of Fire Warden and First Aider, training for which is provided by University Health, Safety & Environment Service. Nominations for these roles can be made by the Head of Department or Director in accordance with the guidance provided on the relevant webpage of the Staying Safe and Well site.

Low risk departments (mainly office based) may choose to nominate someone to coordinate health and safety as part of their usual role without the need to employ a separate coordinator.

High risk departments will be aware that a core element of their work is health and safety and as such it will be included as part of several roles within the department especially at management level. A specific Health & Safety Coordinator may be employed to carry out key operational responsibilities to ensure good housekeeping practice, completion of risk assessments and act as a link between the department and the University Health, Safety & Environment Service.

University Competence

The Head of the University Health, Safety & Environment Service is the “competent person” appointed by the University under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

This role:

  • Maintains a strategic overview of health and safety risks across the University.

  • Provides specialist advice to the University on all aspects of occupational safety and health.

  • Implements a management system to manage health and safety.

  • Interprets legislation and develops relevant policy.

  • Puts in place systems to monitor the health and safety performance of the University.

  • Manages an occupational health service

  • Takes emergency mitigating action on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor in order to remedy a situation which poses a serious risk to safety or health.

University Health & Safety Advisers

The Head of Service leads a team of professional Advisers who: 

  • Provide advice and guidance to the University on all aspects of occupational safety and health (depending on their areas of expertise).

  • Deliver training to enable health and safety responsibilities to be met

  • Manage a system for the control and use of radioactive substances including health surveillance 

  • Manage a system for assessing the risk of fire and monitoring progress against identified actions

  • Manage a system for dealing with hazardous waste

  • Investigate and report on accidents and incidents to prevent reoccurrence

  • Manage an on-going programme of audits and inspections to help ensure legal compliance and improve health and safety practice
  • Liaise with the Health & Safety Executive, the Environment Agency, Police, Fire & Rescue Service and other regulatory authorities on matters of health and safety