Human Resources

Transport Safety

Driving Safely

The University has a legal responsibility to its staff, students and users of its facilities to ensure that driving, cycling and using transport on campus or on University business is as safe as reasonably possible.  This includes:

  • All road traffic on campus (bike, motorcycle, car, lorry, pedestrian)

  • Driving a University owned vehicle on or off campus

  • Driving a privately owned vehicle off campus on university business

  • Use of privately owned vehicles to undertake work on campus by contractors 

The speed limit on site is restricted to 15/20 miles per hour but there will inevitably be occasions when driving at this speed would be considered unsafe.  Accidents incurred whilst driving on behalf of the University whether on campus or not must be reported using the incident report form.   The University Health, Safety & Environment Service will investigate accidents and incidents where there is a need to prevent reocurrence and to determine cause. 

The University actively encourages alternative means of transport to help reduce the number of private vehicles being used. 

During periods of adverse weather conditions, the Department of Estates will work hard to clear key pathways and roads but additional care is required by all users.  Guidance and useful links are available to help you plan your journey safely. 

Cycling Safely

Cycling is recognised as a good way to keep fit which can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and other illnesses. 

The University encourages the use of bikes by providing suitable facilities on campus such as bike parks and showers, details of which are available on the Transport webpage. 

Although the city of Bath is a lovely area in which to cycle, it does have some very steep hills which can make cycling quite challenging so care should be taken when descending them especially during periods of wet or icy weather.  

The roads between the University campus and the city centre can get very busy and sometimes other road users are not as considerate as they might be towards cyclists.  Giving yourself plenty of braking space, wearing a helmet, high visibility clothing and using lights during the hours of darkness will help ensure you access and leave the campus safely.

Pedestrian Safety

The Claverton Down site provides a safe and healthy environment for pedestrians with clearly signed routes and wide easy access.  Many of the footpaths crossing the site through landscaped areas and greenery.

All car parks have pedestrian routes identified within them which benefit from good lighting and CCTV.   Pedestrians should take care of their own safety by being mindful of any vehicle movements around them and using the designated routes provided.