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Changes to childcare voucher schemes

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We had announced that the Government were closing salary sacrifice childcare voucher scheme to all new entrants from 6th April 2018. This scheme is run for the University of Bath by Fideliti. We have received notification that childcare vouchers will now remain open to new joiners until October 2018.

We currently have limited information about what this means specifically, however, based on the April closure process, we expect that this will mean that a salary sacrifice childcare voucher deduction will need to be made in September 2018. We will update this page and provide further communications as and when we receive further guidance/information.

Please see the How to join Fideliti section below.

More information about childcare vouchers is available on the Fideliti website.

What are childcare vouchers?

  • Childcare vouchers are a Government-approved, tax-efficient way of paying for childcare. As part of the scheme you can exchange up to £243 a month of your gross salary for childcare vouchers (depending on whether you are a higher or lower rate tax payer).
  • The childcare voucher scheme at the university is provided by Fideliti
  • The vouchers can be used up to the 1 September following the child’s 15th birthday or 1 September following the 16th birthday for children who are registered disabled.
  • Childcare vouchers can be stored in your childcare voucher account and only expire once the relevant birthday has been reached (bullet point above).
  • As long as the childcare provider is registered/approved, the vouchers can be used for such things as:

    Out of school clubs
    Extra-curricular activities (e.g. music or sports lessons)
    Breakfast and after-school clubs
    Holiday clubs or schemes
    Activity holiday companies including Activate Sport, Barracudas, Camp Beaumont, XUK Activity and XUK Excel
    Qualifying childcare offered by schools
    Au pairs


How to join Fideliti

You can register online via the Fideliti website 

  • click on the "Click to Login" button
  • scroll down to the "Register For Fideliti" section
  • click on the "Employee Registration" link

or call the Fideliti helpline on: 0800 288 8727. Please quote our Employer Scheme Reference UNI9778.

If you join the Fideliti childcare voucher scheme, you are able to take a portion of your salary as childcare vouchers.  These vouchers are not subject to tax and national insurance deductions.  This is referred to as a salary sacrifice scheme. 

Please note that by joining the scheme you are agreeing to a change in your terms and conditions of employment.

Once you have joined the scheme you have access to an online account, and can use an e-voucher to make payment to your registered childcare provider. You can also select auto-pay vouchers which enable you to specify a date and payment amount for automatic payments to your childcare provider each month.  You can choose to receive up to the current maximum amount (currently £243 or £124 of vouchers per month, depending on your tax bracket).

The Government have introduced the Tax-Free Childcare scheme (TFC) on 28th April 2017.