Human Resources

Baby Room

The Baby Room takes babies from the age of 6 months old and can accommodate 12 babies.

The Room Leader heads a team of qualified staff and you will be assigned a key person. We try to follow the baby's home routine as much as possible, as it helps to build trust and confidence between child and carer.

The Baby Room team provide a friendly, caring and relaxed environment, providing a variety of games and activities adapted to the child's age, including painting, sticking, water play, sand play and cooking. Direct access to its own secure garden area encourages the babies to explore a different environment, Regular walks on campus and visits to the Forest School area ensure the babies have a full range of experiences. Observations are made and kept in individual records to follow their progress and development. 

A separate sleep room provides a number of cots to allow babies to have a nap as and when required. Older babies have a nap on sleep mattresses on the carpeted area in the multi-purpose room within the baby unit. Practitioners monitor sleeping children closely carrying out five minute checks on each child.