Human Resources

Outdoor learning

The outdoor environment offers rich learning experiences and contributes to children's health, happiness, stimulation and development.  The play area is full of wonderful things for children to discover, experiment and explore. Children are encouraged to develop independence skills, improve their decision making and raise their self-esteem though small achievable tasks. 

Play area

We have an extensive play area which is secure and safe, providing a soft rubberised finish surface with brightly coloured educational graphics.  This visually exciting and stimulating area is designed to minimise risk of injury to children. The children's garden also includes a grassed area, slopes, gradients, steps, bushes, plants, a growing area, walls and fences.  Children are encouraged to plant fruit, vegetables and flowers.  They will experience the whole process of planting, growing, picking, cooking and eating.

boy climbing

University campus

The children have the opportunity to use the whole of the university to extend their experiences and are well known faces around the campus.  We also have excellent relationships with the estate department and the gardeners who have helped the children develop a Forest School area in conjuction with our Forest Trained practitioner.

Trips and outing

The position of the nursery makes it easy to jump on a bus into town and children enjoy visiting the library, Egg Theatre, Victoria Park, and Zany Zone at the sports centre, but of course the highlight of the outing is the bus journey into town!